Our Team

Our Team

Manarat Foundation is proud to have the following team support us.


Dear Brothers & Sisters, Due to corona virus and advise from Islamic Scholars, Manarat Foundation’s all regular services & facilities will be closed until further notice. We will keep informing you on this issue from time to time. Azan services will continue, you will be able to listen to Azan
Professor Kabir Uddin
Founder & Trustee
Professor Kabir Uddin received Mphil, MTIS, BTIS (Hons) Degrees from Islamic University, Bangladesh and MA in Islamic Studies from Loughborough University, UK. He also got MM (Mumtazul Muhaddesin) degree from Bangladesh. Professionally, Professor Kabir is a Teacher, Administrator and Charity Activist who served as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Office Administrator
Shaykh Mohammad Shahid Ullah
Founder & Trustee
Shaykh Shahid Ullah started his journey by memorising the Holy Quran and attained authorisations (Ijaza) in recitation and various Islamic sciences including Islamic theology and jurisprudence. He holds a masters degree in Arabic language from Cairo University, Egypt. Earlier he graduated from Al-azhar University, in Arabic language and literature. Shaykh
Ustadh Muhammad Saiful Islam
Founder & Trustee
Muhammad Saiful Islam holds a Masters degree in Islamic Studies (Loughborough University, UK). He began his traditional Islamic education in Bangladesh and earned a scholarship to study at Al-Azhar University Egypt. He graduated from the faculty of Islamic Theology which he further developed at International Islamic University Malaysia and United
Maulana Shaykh Belal Hossen
Founder & Trustee
Shaykh Belal Hossen was born and raised in Bangladesh. He completed the memorization of the holy Qur'an at a very young age and later went on to attain his Bachelor of arts degree from Bangladesh National University. He continued with his education in the prestigious Al-Azhar University, Egypt - where

Dr. M Millat-e-Mustafa, Islamic Relief

Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, Editor, Monthly Zaitun, London

Mr. Faizur Rahman Choudhury MBE

Mr. Abdul Moin Choudhury, Ex-Chair of Governor, Small Heath School

Mr. Abdul Hamid, Msc, MA, Community Leader, Solihull

Mr. Imran Salim, Chartered Accountant, Solihull

Shaykh Abdur Rahman Madani, Director, TV ONE London

Solicitor Tahir Abdullah, Wright Justice Solicitors

Alhajj Abdul Malek Parvez, Community Personal

Mr. Akram Bonham ( Architect)

MF Mosque Finance Committee

Shaykh Mohammad Shahid Ullah

Mr. Shahidul Islam Mukul

Mr. Qamar Abbas

Mr. Abdur Rauf

Mr. Shahed Jamil

MF Purchase Committee

Professor K. Kabir Uddin

Mr. Ronju Miah

Mr. Abid Ahmed

Mr. Mohammed Abedin Koyes

Mr. Haroon Rashid

Mohammed Ali Raza

MF Education Committee

Ustadh Saiful Islam

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mamun

Mawlana Enamul Haque Saber

Mr. Alamgir Khondaker

Mr. Jamil Ahmed

MF Madrasah SMT

Sheikh Kazi Belal Hossen

Ustadh Umair Yasir

Ustadh Yusuf Zaman

Ustadah Naila Parvin

Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Hasan

MF Complex Project Development Committee

Prof. Kabir Uddin

Solicitor Tahir Abdullah

Mr. Akram Bonham

Mr. Harun Al- Rashid

Mr. Mike Cooper

MF Event Facility and Parking Management Committee

Muhammad Saiful Islam

Mr. Muhammad Arabi

Mr. Iqbal Hussain

Mr. Naveed Sajad

Mr. Abdul Aziz

Mr. Ustar Miah

Mr. Abu Bakr