Lockdown Appeal 2020

Please donate £10.00

Dear brothers and sisters, As salamualaikum wrt. wbt

Due to the worldwide pandemic we have suspended the congregational activities of our Masjid Manarat Foundation temporarily. The safety of our musallis and children takes priority over everything. However, at this crucial time, the mosque is running all its activities with great sacrifice of the trustees, employees and volunteers through radio scanner and social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and so on. These include: Azan for daily prayers Weekly Friday sermon Evening and weekend classes for Manarat Students Weekly and monthly lectures Providing help & support for the vulnerable members of the community. Dear brothers and sisters, your masjid relies on your regular and occasional donations.

The existing liabilities of Manarat Masjid are:

Paying the monthly instalments for the Car Park purchase £3000 per month

Paying the rental cost £2000 per month

Paying the salary of the teachers and Imams £4000 per month

Qard e hasanah still to be paid £284,000

Paying the utility bills more the £700.00 per month

Marthad ibn Abdullah reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The shade of the believer on the Day of Resurrection is his charity.

In the current time of test, we urge you to extend your generous hand to your Masjid by a small donation of £10 per person. May Allah save you, your family, the Muslim ummah and the entire humanity from this deadly virus and reunite us all in our beloved Masjid for congregations in the earliest possible opportunity inshaAllah, ameen. Jazakumullahu Khairan.

We look forward to your kind support & Donations.

You can also donate at BT MY DOANTE using the following:


Manarat Foundation HSBC Bank S/C: 40-11-15 A/C: 31867601 Islamic Bank of Britain S/C: 30-00-83 A/C: 01251201


Setting up a REGULAR DONATION by filling in STANDING ORDER form, Please CLICK here to download the form in PDF.


Sending cheques payable to: MANARAT FOUNDATION & post to 2051 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3DY


You are welcome to the Masjid and donate in person. A receipt should be provided for any donation you make to Manarat Foundation. Jazakumullahu Khairan