About Us

about us

our vision & mission

Our vision is to see an educated world with dignity and respect.
Our mission is to provide high standard educational and community Services with humanitarian supports in need.

our values

Believe in God and his messengers and follow the divine instructions

Respect the people of other faiths or no faith

Demonstrate, truthfulness, forgiveness, humility & modesty

Master in knowledge

Trust in collectiveness and partnerships

Be active, energetic and lead

Our Focus

Serving the need of the local community

Meet the needs of the local community by providing facilities for religious services and promoting education, health, and employment opportunities

Establishment of full and part time schools to provides high standard education

Integration and Partnership

Educate and motivate people towards understanding each other in the multicultural society

Focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community whilst ensuring services are open to all.

Organise dialogues and discussion between faiths and communities

Work with local government ( Councillors, Mps) and council to prioritise the community services

Work with mainstream charities including Oxfam, Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid, UK

Implement Anti-discrimination policy in employments and engagement

Say no to Extremism

Manarat Foundation always focuses on promoting tolerance and saying no to extremism. We work with local police, social services and other agencies to prevent terrorism. We are member of Faith Watch run by West Midland Police and West midland Faith Forum.

Our Imams and community workers encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms.

Our core members and staffs are CRB checked and also check the track records of the volunteers.

Engagement of Youth and Women

Manarat has been running Manarat Youth Circle to engage the young stars in the positives activates and sports. We want to get the children back off the streets and make them good citizens. Manarat supports the parents and children to be away from anti-social behaviour, drugs and gang culture.

Facilities are available for the women to access relevant services. The current services include counselling, special events, social support, training for unemployed; some of these activities are funded by different funders. Manarat runs a sister volunteers group and also employed female staffs.


Manarat is a great place for the community. Directors of Manarat are very caring and trustworthy people. Their services for community are free of charge. God protect Manarat from evil.

Sajeel A Khokhar

Existing management is very trust worthy and affectionate. They are working a lot for the UK community. Specially the education of our kids and value of the religion. They are devoting their efforts voluntarily for the betterment of the community. I wish them success to achieve the targets for the betterment of the community. I would like to encourage everyone to come up and support them

Dr M Anwar Khokhar