Welcome Ramadan 2017 / 1438H

Welcome Ramadan 2017 / 1438H


Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah, the most blessed month of Ramadan has approached us. Ramadan is a season that brings us closer together -both families and as communities throughout the world. Through our inner reflections and increase in generosity toward the needy, we can expect enormous thawab (reward) during this time. Indeed, every single breath we take during this period can count as tasbih (invocation). We pray and hope that this Ramadan brings out the best from us by the way of drawing ever closer to the Almighty.

We invite you to experience and take part in the activities of the masjid over the course of this blessed month.

Many thanks for all your kind support and please continue to help us with your suggestions, observations, donations and involvement. Above all, please don’t forget to keep us as well as the Muslims across the world in your prayers.


Iftarwill be provided daily in the Masjid. Donations/sponsors welcome: please contact the office or call 07853 227 559.


The 1st day of Ramadan will be on Saturday the 27th May 2017, therefore Tarawih prayer will take place from Friday night. Please join our renowned Huffaz reciting the whole Qur’an.

As Tarawih prayers are held late into the night, we urge everyone to respect our neighbours by keeping the noise down and not congregate outside. If you pray 8 raka’at then it is better to go home straight away.


Due to time constraints, as these nights are very short and time between Tarawih and Fajr is only a few hours, there will be no Tahajjud jama’ah held this year at the Masjid.


Application forms for I’tikaf are available from the office. Place allocation will be decided after 15th Ramadan.


In total, Three Eid-ul-Fitr Jama’ah will be held at Manarat Masjid this year:

1st Jama’ah: 7.00am

2nd Jama’ah: 9.00am

3rd Jama’ah: 11.00am

May Allah accept our all good actions, Ameen.